Decay of Roof Shingles (Lake Zurich, IL)

When a nasty wind or hail storm travels through the area of Indianapolis, our homeowner insurance providers are supposed to help repair the roof damage. In fact, many of our local Lake Zurich & Bloomington, IL roofing projects are the result of insurance claims and have developed great relationships with most of the insurance companies in the area. However, if you don’t maintain your property correctly, you risk having your insurance policy cancelled. When a wind or hail storm blows through and wind blows off a bunch of shingles, do not procrastinate. Remember, your roof protects you from all of the elements. Outside of emergencies though, how much thought do you give your roof? When there isn’t a storm or any damage to your shingles, you probably don’t give your roof a second thought. On that note, please be mindful. A recent trend in insurance companies cancelling policies due to improper roof maintenance has forced policy holders to pay closer attention to the status of their roofs.

Notice Ugly Black Streaks on your Roof?

If you do, when it comes time to make your claim, your policy might be canceled or your claim may be rejected. The problem is that large concentrations of bacteria grow on your roof, specifically on north-facing surfaces and shaded regions. This mold and mildew eats away at your shingles, eventually causing the need to have your roof replaced. Insurance companies don’t like this. Many Lake Zurich & Bloomington homeowners we interact with are under the impression that Moss and Algae on your roof is simply a cosmetic issue and is supposed to happen. For reasons like these, it’s important to regularly maintain your roof, pay attention to it, and call in the Indianapolis roofing experts when you think something is up. While keeping your roof maintained has additional benefits such as increased curb appeal and an overall increase in value of the home, perhaps the most important reason of all is to properly maintain your roof to avoid cancellation of your insurance policy or denied future claims. By being informed and proactive, homeowners can take measures to prevent rejected claims and to eliminate the threat of cancelled insurance policies.

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