During the challenging and uncertain times of COVID-19, Dave Farbaky, President of Aloha Restoration strongly believes in giving back and supporting local communities, organizations and businesses. Farbaky stated “our goal is to raise awareness of local charities, organizations and businesses to help everyone in our community.”

For Farbaky, the Fill a Heart 4 Kids organization holds a special place in his heart. In Lake County alone, thousands of children are living in foster care with no hope of finding a family of their own. Fill a Heart 4 Kids mission is to help unaccompanied homeless youth and foster children educational support, necessities and positive experiences to help them heal and achieve a brighter future.

“To put it simply, our children are our future. We’re going to do our part to support every last one of them.” Farbaky said.

To support the Fill a Heart 4 Kids organization, Aloha Restoration donated $11,860. “We are so honored to be able to help this amazing organization, that’s why for every job Aloha Restoration completed in 2019, we donated $5 to the Fill a Heart 4 Kids Charity.” Farbaky stated.

This donation will help Fill a Heart 4 Kids update their foster children’s facility. We are proud to support such a great organization.

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