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Tornadoes Hit the Midwest

Last week, the Midwest was hit hard. Tornadoes marching east killed at least 3 people and having brought a damaging impact throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri. This news is extremely disheartening and unbelievably sad. We keep those affected in our thoughts and prayers.


This group of local roofers wanted to leave you with some timely do-it-yourself info when it comes to the impact of storm damage and how to spot it. First, as roofing contractors you can trust, we want to be transparent when we say: This information is only meant to help you diagnose whether or not you have been affected. Once you realize you do have damage, CALL THE EXPERTS. If you aren’t trained or have the level of expertise required, figuring out the extent of the damage will be impossible. Not all wind damage is obvious, some damage may be hidden. You can cause more damage in the long run and that’s the last thing you want to do. HOME REPAIR IS EXPENSIVE if left unproperly treated. Call your local roofing contractors. It will pay off.


That being said, let’s talk wind damage: High winds can pull shingles right of the roof, and dislodge gutters and downspouts. Wind can lift and curl shingles by breaking the seal that bonds them together. This can leave your roof vulnerable to wind-driven rain, sleet, and hail. The speed and friction cause by wind is typically much higher on your roof than on the ground. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you decided to climb onto your roof to inspect for damage. Depending on temperature outside, shingles and siding can either expand causing friction between sheets when coupled with wind, or freeze, becoming brittle and easy to break.

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